The Kid-Proof Toothbrush

Clinically proven to remove plaque 23x better than a manual toothbrush. 

Help your toddlers brush better with a brush they’ll WANT to use.

  • Error-Free Clean

    Stop worrying whether your toddlers are brushing properly. ToddlerBrush eliminates user-error.

  • Dentist-Approved

    ToddlerSmart utilizes the ADA-endorsed BASS brushing technique with expertly crafted bristles angled at 45°.

  • Kid-Friendly Design

    The fun design and vibrations keep them engaged and encourage them to keep brushing. 

  • Fast & Effective

    Forget brush wars. Toddlersmart™ 360 can brush your kids teeth in 30 seconds, as it is cleaning all your teeth simultaneously.

How does it work? 


Squeeze toothpaste on top of the brush head
Insert in mouth & press the switch.
Shake the toothbrush from side to side to clean all teeth.

Finally, a Brush You'll 

Both Love❤️

Imagine your kiddos asking to brush their teeth multiple times per day. With the fun bear characters, Toddlersmart is ending brush wars everywhere.

Specially designed to give you peace of mind, your little one can brush all surface areas of their teeth at once in just 30 seconds. No user error.

Commonly asked

Commonly asked

Do I need to change the batteries ?

No! The ToddlerSmart is rechargeable and it only needs to be charged 4 times a year.

How frequently do I need to replace the brush head?

In general, we recommend replacing your brush head every 3 months.

Is the ToddlerBrush Clinically Proven?

A comprehensive clinical study that placed a 360 Sonic Toothbrush against a regular toothbrush was conducted. The results speak for themselves:

27x more plaque removal

Up to 70% plaque reduction in harder to reach areas

How Can ToddlerBrush Help with Kids with Disabilities?

Mouthpiece toothbrushes, like the ToddlerBrush, are a great solution for kids who have had previous problems brushing with a normal manual or electric toothbrush. Some of the more predominant user cases we've seen for our ToddlerBrushes include the following groups:

Individuals with Autism

Individuals with limited mobility

Individuals that struggle with sensory issues

Our uniquely designed toothbrush is perfect for people that struggle to hold or manipulate traditional toothbrushes. The Toddlerbrush's wide base makes holding the brush simpler and the brush's 360° mouthpiece allows for a faster and more efficient clean. The Toddlerbrzsh is especially helpful to those living with a disability.

Can I use my own toothpaste instead of your Foaming Toothpaste?

Yes, you can, however, we recommend using our Kids Foam Toothpaste because our Foaming toothpastes have lower viscosity as compared to your regular toothpaste. This means that our Foaming toothpaste easily breaks down during the 30-second cycle of your ToddlerBrush, making it very effective in providing deeper cleaning action.

Gel type toothpastes take a little bit longer to break down because it's significantly thicker. This means that you'll need longer than a single 30-second cycle or the result may not be as good, compared to using a Foam type of toothpaste.

Do you ship worldwide? What about import taxes? 

Yes, we do ship worldwide & we take care of all the shipping costs and taxes! No surprises.